Queen – Classic Queen : Album Cover Art Download

Download Queen - Classic Queen in High Quality on iTunes

Track # Name Artist Duration Link
1 A Kind of Magic Queen 4:24 Download Queen - A Kind of Magic on iTunes
2 Bohemian Rhapsody Queen 5:55 Download Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody on iTunes
3 Under Pressure Queen & David Bowie 4:02 Download Queen & David Bowie - Under Pressure on iTunes
4 Hammer to Fall (Single) Queen 3:39 Download Queen - Hammer to Fall (Single) on iTunes
5 Stone Cold Crazy Queen 2:14 Download Queen - Stone Cold Crazy on iTunes
6 One Year of Love Queen 4:27 Download Queen - One Year of Love on iTunes
7 Radio Ga Ga Queen 5:48 Download Queen - Radio Ga Ga on iTunes
8 I’m Going Slightly Mad Queen 4:22 Download Queen - I'm Going Slightly Mad on iTunes
9 I Want It All (Single) Queen 4:00 Download Queen - I Want It All (Single) on iTunes
10 Tie Your Mother Down Queen 3:44 Download Queen - Tie Your Mother Down on iTunes
11 The Miracle (Short Version) Queen 4:24 Download Queen - The Miracle (Short Version) on iTunes
12 These Are the Days of Our Lives Queen 4:13 Download Queen - These Are the Days of Our Lives on iTunes
13 One Vision (Short Version) Queen 4:37 Download Queen - One Vision (Short Version) on iTunes
14 Keep Yourself Alive Queen 3:45 Download Queen - Keep Yourself Alive on iTunes
15 Headlong Queen 4:38 Download Queen - Headlong on iTunes
16 Who Wants to Live Forever Queen 5:14 Download Queen - Who Wants to Live Forever on iTunes
17 The Show Must Go On Queen 4:33 Download Queen - The Show Must Go On on iTunes

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